Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Got suggested to watch 'Saw'. I was in a mood to watch it all the way! But when i've started, I couldn't find anything in that film that would interest me.. but then my little sister came up and said that we should watch it again and that she will explain me everything! At the end i thought it was quite cool, but still a bit less than I expected!

Something New

I think i have mentioned before, that i love all different piercings and tattoos. And now I'm going mad for Septum. Never thought i would like to have something like that, but i guess, as my mind keep changing, for now, i would actually love to have it done!

Saturday, 3 March 2012


When ever we go to London I always feel like I'm going home.
Today my phrase was : "Mum, I feel like I'm coming home from a very long vacation!"

I got in London on Wednesday.. Till today.. I've spent 3 full days in London.
We celebrated my big sister's bday.. She's 22 now! Second day I wasn't feeling great, plus the weather wasn't so great as well.. and 3rd of March, I met up with my dope friend and we took some awesome shoots. Before that, I promised my big sis that I'm gonna do a photoshoot for her aswell, then she took some for me. The day was beautiful, it was sunny, warm, and hot starbucks, later, made everything perfect.

Here are some pictures from my London holiday..

PS.: Hopefully in the future, one day, I will live in London.