Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sweet dreams

Sometimes I wish for my dreams to come true.. Then everybody's best dreams could come true as well! I think that would be awesome!!!
Some times I dream about little things.. Like hot weather.. To have a nice day the next morning or just simply find a very interesting film to watch... But sometimes my brain can't stop imagining my future.. My next steps and activities... Always something crazy will pop up!!
Hopefully you all will have an amazing half term.. Sweet dreams to all of you.. Hope one day they'll come true!

Mirror On The Wall

This song just moves me every time. I can listen to it 24/7. 
Every song of Wayne's has a meaning, deep, souled meaning. It makes me read through his songs and try not to drop a tear. 
In particularly, this song is probably one of my favorite songs of his. I can listen to it in what ever mood I'm in.. happy, sad, upset, moody.. It suits inner me perfectly I think.. Every time I listen to it, I find something new, something different in it, and that's another interesting part of it. 
Most of Lil Wayne's songs are amazing! They help me bring my emotions up and make me think about me, others, and everything that's surrounding me and how to deal with everything. 

There is another song of his, which made me shiver today. I've heard it lots of times before, but never have seen the video, and only today decided to look at it. His videos & songs have special connection between each other? If I can call it like that.. It made me go around my thoughts and memories and think of what I've ever done before bad and good and think of what would I do next time, if something happens like that again?!
Here it is....