Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sweet dreams

Sometimes I wish for my dreams to come true.. Then everybody's best dreams could come true as well! I think that would be awesome!!!
Some times I dream about little things.. Like hot weather.. To have a nice day the next morning or just simply find a very interesting film to watch... But sometimes my brain can't stop imagining my future.. My next steps and activities... Always something crazy will pop up!!
Hopefully you all will have an amazing half term.. Sweet dreams to all of you.. Hope one day they'll come true!

Mirror On The Wall

This song just moves me every time. I can listen to it 24/7. 
Every song of Wayne's has a meaning, deep, souled meaning. It makes me read through his songs and try not to drop a tear. 
In particularly, this song is probably one of my favorite songs of his. I can listen to it in what ever mood I'm in.. happy, sad, upset, moody.. It suits inner me perfectly I think.. Every time I listen to it, I find something new, something different in it, and that's another interesting part of it. 
Most of Lil Wayne's songs are amazing! They help me bring my emotions up and make me think about me, others, and everything that's surrounding me and how to deal with everything. 

There is another song of his, which made me shiver today. I've heard it lots of times before, but never have seen the video, and only today decided to look at it. His videos & songs have special connection between each other? If I can call it like that.. It made me go around my thoughts and memories and think of what I've ever done before bad and good and think of what would I do next time, if something happens like that again?!
Here it is....

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Got suggested to watch 'Saw'. I was in a mood to watch it all the way! But when i've started, I couldn't find anything in that film that would interest me.. but then my little sister came up and said that we should watch it again and that she will explain me everything! At the end i thought it was quite cool, but still a bit less than I expected!

Something New

I think i have mentioned before, that i love all different piercings and tattoos. And now I'm going mad for Septum. Never thought i would like to have something like that, but i guess, as my mind keep changing, for now, i would actually love to have it done!

Saturday, 3 March 2012


When ever we go to London I always feel like I'm going home.
Today my phrase was : "Mum, I feel like I'm coming home from a very long vacation!"

I got in London on Wednesday.. Till today.. I've spent 3 full days in London.
We celebrated my big sister's bday.. She's 22 now! Second day I wasn't feeling great, plus the weather wasn't so great as well.. and 3rd of March, I met up with my dope friend and we took some awesome shoots. Before that, I promised my big sis that I'm gonna do a photoshoot for her aswell, then she took some for me. The day was beautiful, it was sunny, warm, and hot starbucks, later, made everything perfect.

Here are some pictures from my London holiday..

PS.: Hopefully in the future, one day, I will live in London. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Future - My Mind Will Blow Up Soon.

What is it, the 'future'? 
When ever people ask me, what is it that I want to do in the future? I always say something without thinking, and sometimes my answers can be quite different from each other... it's not because I'm lying, its just because I haven't made my mind yet... Actually no... I don't even like that phrase. It's not that you can change your future with one click of your fingers, right? Is not like I can see what is going to happen. So I'd rather say, "I don't know". 

But I can't stop thinking about my future. In the shower, in bed, in the kitchen, where ever I'm alone, I hate to think what can happen, what will happen and what might not happen. And that's probably the main reason why I'm always stressed and worried. And by that I mean - it could be anything... For example; "What will happen if I'll choose him?"; "What will I think, or do after (some certain things)..." or "Shall I continue or shall I stop? What are the consequences and what are the benefits?". And for most of them I can't even find an answer, or most likely, they'll be negative again. 

But again, if I get a questions, asking me about my future, I will probably say "I don't know" and then add that "I want to finish my education (college & uni.), get a nice job, and live with my family somewhere very quite, nice and peaceful. "

But don't we all want it? Don't we all want to have a family that you will love more than anything, have a job, where you will get no money limit and be successful throughout your life time? I think we do...
And that's the answer I will go with - because it's basic and truthful. Though inside I always panicking, because there is so much more that I want, and at the same time, I want nothing. 

I hate to think of my future family, because whenever I do, I always get this moment that goes by really fast, but leaves a very long time to think about - what if I will never get perfect family like I wish to have one? What if I will never get a family? Something might happen that I have never planned or thought about before! And the thoughts like that keep repeating in my head all the time, when ever I think about something or someone.

So whenever I start to think or question my self about the future (it happens automatically), I try to fill my head with different things, like songs, pictures, memories even, and anything else, but not the future, because it only disappoints me. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Well Happy Sweet 16 to Me! 

 Well finaly im 16 now! So happy.. well, though i know this year isnt so great, i was hoping for my birthday to stand out from all the sh*t that happened, but no... something must go wrong, as usual.. Not going through the details, just not very impressed. 

But basically i had a very good day, had a lovely cake, got my camera - Canon 1100D - finally! (still cant believe i have it!). Then found out that my big sister is coming down to visit us on weekends from London! Going to do some photoshoots! 

Hopefully weekends will be much better! 

Oh here is the cake! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


These new ideas flew into my head... I always was crazy about tattoos and different piercings but now, with everyday that passing me, i want it more and more.. 

My first tattoo was done last summer in 2011.
Before that i had many piercings which were done by my favourite American Man and myself. I just love it! I also want to pierce industrial. I used to have it but had to take it off, so as soon as I am 16, im going for it!!!
But that's not the only thing i want so badly! I want another tattoos, i definitely know what I want to do for my next one. Four flowers which will represent my family including me. 
And after that i cant wait to do my sleeve tattoo! Something to do with wildness, wolves, cartoons maybe...Oh my head is gonna blow up soon of so many ideas, so thats why im leaving it for a bit.. 

And finally, HAIR............................ My weakness always was about hair and different colors! Pink, blue, purple, green, etc... i love it. Can't help my self but when people with the hair like that walking past me, all i do is stare! (just because i think it's so awsome!) I do want to die my hair light/soft pink, not all of it though. I do imagine my self with hair like that, because i used to have purple highlights, loved it obviously! So hopefully i will do it soon again!