Wednesday, 18 January 2012


These new ideas flew into my head... I always was crazy about tattoos and different piercings but now, with everyday that passing me, i want it more and more.. 

My first tattoo was done last summer in 2011.
Before that i had many piercings which were done by my favourite American Man and myself. I just love it! I also want to pierce industrial. I used to have it but had to take it off, so as soon as I am 16, im going for it!!!
But that's not the only thing i want so badly! I want another tattoos, i definitely know what I want to do for my next one. Four flowers which will represent my family including me. 
And after that i cant wait to do my sleeve tattoo! Something to do with wildness, wolves, cartoons maybe...Oh my head is gonna blow up soon of so many ideas, so thats why im leaving it for a bit.. 

And finally, HAIR............................ My weakness always was about hair and different colors! Pink, blue, purple, green, etc... i love it. Can't help my self but when people with the hair like that walking past me, all i do is stare! (just because i think it's so awsome!) I do want to die my hair light/soft pink, not all of it though. I do imagine my self with hair like that, because i used to have purple highlights, loved it obviously! So hopefully i will do it soon again! 

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